Resource Tuner R6

Resource Tuner R6

Resource Tuner helps you edit the resources in an EXE, DLL and other file types
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Resource Tuner lets you view, extract, replace, edit, and delete the embedded resources of executable files: icons, strings, images, sounds, dialogs, menus - everything that makes up the visual part of your Windows programs.

This makes a good program if you are into programming and creating applications. The program makes it easier for you to copy an image or icon from any file.

It allows you to hack an application to change its graphical features like message boxes, toolbar actions,etc. You don't need to learn any programming. This is just a simple application that anyone can use. It's perfect for translators, tweakers, and to anyone who is looking for fun.

This is a cool application. But you can get freeware having similar features if you can't spend money.

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